Protection Relay and Control Panels

In-House Fabrication of Protection and Control Panels

Protection relay and custom control panels are application-specific control systems that are designed and built to exact process and customer requirements. These control systems are part of every industrial manufacturing and substation application.

Part of RTS Consulting – Automation project turn-key success is that we maintain high build quality standards and an in-house CSA/UL control panel facility to ensure fast, engineered to order fabrication.

We have experience designing and building many types of custom control panels across a wide range of industries. These include:

  • Industrial Discrete and Process control panels
  • Motor control panels
  • Substation Protection Relay panels and E-Houses
  • Medium voltage panels

Some of the key benefits that can be realized by utilizing RTS Consulting – Automation as your systems integrator, with an in-house panel shop, include:

  • Sole-source responsibility.
  • Quick response to design changes and/or supplier material shortages.
  • Simulated testing capabilities with in-house engineering support.
  • Extensive documented testing procedures for each control system.

From material procurement through final assembly and testing, our highly trained panel shop technicians and engineers ensure that your control panels are built to specification and on time.

These international certification marks indicate that the RTS Consulting – Automation protection and control panel manufacturing facility has been tested and meets the requirements of the applicable CSA and UL standards.

Electrical Design and Instrumentation

Electrical Design

Electrical Design

Our extensive experience in electrical design enables us to provide clients with complete drawing packages which include:

  • Single Line & Power Distribution Drawings
  • Schematics and I/O Drawings
  • Protection Relay and E-House Drawings
  • Control Panel Layouts
  • Process & Instrument Drawings
  • Safety Circuit Drawings
  • Networking Diagrams & Architecture
  • Logic Flow Diagrams

Instrumentation Specification

Adopting the International Society for Measurement and Controls (ISA) rules and procedures, the instrumentation team at RTS Consulting - Automation selects, provides, installs, calibrates, trains, and maintains instrumentation and control systems designed specifically for the customer's needs.

We have provided tailored solutions to a range of end users in all industries , government organizations, utilities, and more.

RTS Consulting-Automation is able to offer all current and emerging standards of signal processing: 4-20 mA/HART (2-wire loop powered or 4-wire technology), DeviceNet, Profibus PA, and Foundation Fieldbus (FF)..

Key Instrumentation Service Areas

  • Industry-based, practical advice on instrumentation, communications, automation, and remote monitoring.
  • Selection and application of appropriate instrumentation/communications for controlling/monitoring waste water treatment plants, water filtration plants, sewers, & pumping stations.
  • Management of design/operation of instrumentation and remote monitoring.

PLC and SCADA Solutions

The Evolution of Plant Automation to Flexibility and Convertibility

RTS Consulting – Automation specializes in automating manufacturing cells and processes using the latest industrial technologies. Our 20+ years’ manufacturing experience, across a wide range of industries , has positioned us well to help you identify opportunities for improvements in all operational areas to achieve global manufacturing excellence.

Whether you want to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies, add capacity or improve your competitive position in the market, RTS Consulting - Automation is your single source solution provider for all of your manufacturing automation needs.

RTS provides in-house capabilities for the following services:

  • Electrical controls design and control panel fabrication
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial communication network design
  • Control system design and implementation
  • Manufacturing execution system design and deployment.
  • Business system-to-shop-floor-data connectivity.

Manufacturing Automation Experience with Various Platforms

RTS Consulting – Automation has experience working on the following manufacturing technology software and hardware platforms:

  • Allen Bradley/Rockwell
  • General Electric
  • Siemens
  • Wonderware
  • Iconics (Genesis)
  • Omron
  • Mitsubishi
  • Telemecanique
  • Toyopuc
  • Bristol Babcock
  • SCADAPack
  • And many more!

Major Automation Contractor

Our expertise in automation and systems integration allows RTS Consulting – Automation to offer our unique abilities as single-source providers for an existing plant, expansion, or new facility. We deploy turnkey control system solutions for inputting, processing, interpreting, storing, and categorizing all of your plant’s data, delivering a substantial ROI and lowering total cost of ownership.

Some advantages that can be realized by implementing advanced technology include:

  • Product repeatability.
  • Tighter quality control.
  • Higher efficiency/OEE.
  • Data transformed into actionable intelligence.
  • Increased productivity/throughput.
  • Reduction of labour costs.

In today's ultra-competitive manufacturing environment, companies that do not invest into integrated plant automation will be left behind. In the earlier days the focus was on PLC and SCADA automation simply to replace relay control logic to increase reliability and reduce costs. Now the focus has shifted to increasing flexibility and agility in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers are increasingly demanding the ability to easily and quickly switch manufacturing products on the same line based on changing consumer demands.

Let our staff of experienced engineers and programmers assist you with your shop floor solution needs.

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