Manufacturing Execution System with SAP ME and MII

Manufacturing operational excellence means achieving the business goals with minimal resources. In order to survive in today’s competitive global market, organisations need to reduce production cost, cycle time and environmental impact. All while maintaining and improving quality, customer delivery and satisfaction. So, how can you empower personnel with real-time, actionable intelligence to reach operational excellence?

Known for being one of the most recognised full spectrum MES applications on the market today, SAP-MES provides the best “end to end”, feature rich MES platform for any business running SAP ERP. Providing robust and intimate ERP integration capabilities along with full scope MES/MOM functionality needed for companies that are looking for a single platform that can support them now and into the future.

Our consultants have not only implemented SAP-MES for multiple industries, but also helped design the application and have maintained it as a client in real world applications. Our consultants know how to get the most from your implementation and understand the complexity of managing MES programs long term. Each manufacturing environment has its unique characteristics; the products that are manufactured, the equipment used to manufacture them and the IT systems that need to be integrated as part of the implementation. The result is that more than 90% of all MES implementations will need some form of customization. The development environment for SAP-MES has been designed with this in mind along with a modular (plug & play) framework to achieve manufacturing operational excellence.

Whether you deploy one module at a time or the complete MES suite, the solution empowers the appropriate personnel to gain complete real-time visibility into operational performance, asset utilization, quality, energy management, production dynamics and much more; helping you accelerate performance to achieve world-class operational excellence.

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In business, information is power – but like all power, it needs to be managed appropriately. The answers to the following questions provide valuable insight to the impact MES can have to your operation:

  • How often are you using real-time, actionable business intelligence to make operational decisions?
  • Can you consistently run your plant at the highest level of productivity and maintain quality?
  • How do you track real time operational performance?
  • How can you eliminate the gap and data flow constraints between the shop floor and the top floor?

The MES Suite will help your business address these vital questions. Our consistent, proven and structured project methodology - from initial discoveries and blueprinting, to go-live and post project support – are key to our success in delivering game-changing, world-class SAP MES solutions.

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