Success Story - Automating Quality at one of the World's Largest Chocolate Companies

Automating Chocolate Bar Inspection and Rejection System

RTS sweet success at chocolate manufacturing

One of the world’s largest chocolate companies, with headquarters in Europe, was looking to automate the detection and removal of solid bars in its best-selling wafer crisp chocolate product. Prior to implementing the RTS solution, the customer had no way of consistently inspecting the pre-enrobed internals of the chocolate bars and subsequently removing them before packaging. All the customer could do was remove bars based on external cosmetic non-conformance.

Quality Control and Assurance Department needed a solution to ensure they would always meet their quality standards and reduce the level of customer complaints. They needed a guaranteed, turn-key solution to remove 100% of defective bars in their top national product and thus, protect their brand.

Real Time Systems (RTS), was selected to develop and implement a world-class innovative and quality engineered solution.

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Success Story - Paint Process Automation and Robotic Arms!

Automating the Paint System for Wheel Rim Painting Line

Real Time System success in automatic wheel manufacturing

In almost every industry vertical companies make products that need to have a protective coating on them and this makes paint systems ubiquitous. These paint systems need to meet specific industry set standards and regulations. And every paint system is different based on the industry type. RTS has executed numerous paint system automation projects for customers in the automotive, aerospace, consumer durables, medical devices, and capital equipment industries, etc. Today, we bring to your attention yet another story of success which RTS delivered on in the wheel rim painting automation line for a client to increase the overall plant productivity. 

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Success Story - SAP MES for the Plastic Injection Molding Business

Plastic Industry Digital Transformation

LegoRTS has developed and delivered to two major plastic clients, a holistic, high-value manufacturing execution solution (MES) specifically for the plastic injection molding business. The MES solution (closely developed with the customers) is able to connect to injection molding machines bringing real-time insights and actionable intelligence to operations and management. From autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) control within the four factory walls moving product, to real-time productivity visibility for over 80 injection molding machines. SAP MES Solution for the Plastic Industry is setting the standard in high-value functionality leading to quick bottom-line results.

SAP MES for the Plastic Injection Molding Business


RTS makes the Top 10 Manufacturing Consulting Providers 2017

It’s all about the ‘Digital Enterprise’ these days
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Manufacturing Tech Insights brings to you “Top 10 Manufacturing Consulting Providers 2017,” featuring the best solution and consulting providers offering solutions and services to the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Tech Insights’ editorial board selected RTS Consulting-Automation Inc. from over thousand companies.


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Global Plastics Manufacturer

Deploys Paperless Manufacturing System & Automates the AGV’s with SAP MII

Plastics Manufacturer

The goal was to select and implement a “real time” shop-floor data collection system that enabled automated reporting of production to SAP. Thereby eliminating the manual reporting and recording of information into the business system and the associated non-value added costs. In addition the solution provided for improved accuracy and timeliness of production reporting.

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