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Bringing experience to innovation in Digital Utility Age

Utilities are facing a revolution in their daily business, the digitalization effect. The “Digital Utility” is not the utility of the future anymore. Considering the highest ever penetration of distributed renewable energy resources, intensive deployment of storage, introduction of reliable and secure IoT devices to the grid, the utility business is changing at a much faster pace than ever before.

RTS has demonstrated more than 20 years of successful business in the industrial and utility sectors and acquired comprehensive experience and expertise in energy automation and smart grid technologies.

Whether it is a proof of concept or project roll out, from panel design and fabrication to total solution development and integration, RTS maintains the skill-sets to execute. Our vast skill-sets in the industry cover different facets of the work, from safety and reliability in field equipment preparation, to customization of systems hardware, and smart energy software systems engineering, bringing “total solution” integration for the customer. 

Our goal at RTS Energy is to ensure our customers a smooth transition from a conventional distribution Utility, to an Energy Platform Operator (EPO). Through the implementation and deployment of smart energy plans, energy automation projects, and deployment of necessary IT platforms. RTS bridges the gap between IT/OT sections, ensuring OT experts a reliable transition process based on the latest IT solutions.



Find out more at  http://www.rtsenergy.com/

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Over 25 Years of helping our Manufacturing clients achieve Operational Excellence on
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