Leadership Team

Vic Briccardi, President and CEO

team vic_briccardi

My objective is to maintain the RTS leadership position in improving our client's manufacturing operations, by empowering each of our associates to provide well engineered, innovative, and value-added solutions for our customers. My passion in driving manufacturing operational excellence has resulted in a best-in-class, committed, and versatile team of technology and business focused individuals, working to solve cross-industry problems.

Nityanand Singh, Director of Consulting

team Nitya

Discover, design and implement innovative digital solutions to transform businesses by providing real-time visibility to the shop floor, better control and flexibility over production executions and hence optimize overall productivity. Design and develop innovative manufacturing operation management solutions for line side integration using mobile devices, to provide live web based reports and real-time visibility to the shop floor, order management and prioritization within the MES layer and an ability to quickly adjust course and communicate across the enterprise, using SAP Digital manufacturing suites.

Grant Vokey, Principal MES Consultant

team paul_radulescu

Over the years I have developed an excellent understanding of Operations level processes in manufacturing (having actually worked in operations for 20 yrs) and how to map those processes to the virtual world within the manufacturing IT applications to truly reflect the real world. From that understanding, my goal in all implementations is to develop solutions that are intuitive to the manufacturing user’s needs in effectiveness and user experience. Solution sets must also be scalable as the company grows in process maturity and sustainable over the life cycle of the enterprise applications as a whole.

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What We Do

Over 25 Years of helping our Manufacturing clients achieve Operational Excellence on
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